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How to get rid of the “install theme” button.

NOTE: Alright people, I’ve been getting some messages about how you can’t find the file in your code. The thing is all themes have these codes placed in different areas. Just press “ctrl+F” and try to search for any “.js” in the codes. Then open up each one yourself. It’s going to take a while if your code does not appear in the beginning like my code but it works.


1) Go to “customize” on your dashboard and open the text editor.

2) Look for these codes. They should be under the <head> tag.


3) Now copy the URL of the .js files. These are the files we look for when we want to get rid of the install theme button.

4) When you open these files, check for this code.

5) Once you seen this code, select all the codes on that file and copy it.

6) Open up a text program like “NotePad”.

7) Paste the codes in there.

8) Get rid of the code that you just saw. NOTE: only get rid of the install theme code.

9) Now save the text file as “something.js”

10) Go here and upload that file.

11) Get rid of the original file that you found the code from by erasing it. Then paste in the new file.

12) Click “preview” and the install theme button should disappear.

13) Save.


If you have any questions, just message me! I will be glad to help.

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